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Our Vision

Florida Growth Alliance (FGA) is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting traditionally rural communities navigating the challenges of rapid growth and transformation. As these communities grapple with the complexities of defining their identities amidst unprecedented development, FGA steps in to provide vital assistance.
Across the state, rural areas and municipalities surrounding metropolitan hubs are witnessing significant population influxes, with Florida experiencing more than 800 net new residents per day. While this surge brings increased attention, investment, and opportunities from developers, it also highlights pressing needs in infrastructure enhancement, talent development, education, addressing blighted areas, and sustainable growth initiatives.
FGA recognizes the delicate balance between embracing growth and preserving community character. Through collaborative efforts with both private and public partners, FGA acts as a bridge to address community gaps and capitalize on opportunities for advancement. Our approach goes beyond mere online research; we prioritize meaningful engagement with community leaders—both elected and non-elected—to truly understand their needs, concerns, and aspirations.
Are you grappling with the challenges of rapid growth in your community? Has your city already undergone significant transformation, potentially losing its unique charm in the process? If you’re a community leader striving to foster economic development while preserving the essence of your locality, FGA is here to support you.

Connect with Florida Growth Alliance today and discover how we can work together to navigate the complexities of growth while safeguarding the soul of your community. Join us at our upcoming event in your area and embark on a journey towards sustainable and inclusive development.

Connect with FGA today. Join us at our next event near you.

Our Alliance

The FGA is funded by annual sponsorship donations to represent the interests of our Partners and to continue our work. In recognition of the different stages of growth of eligible supporters, our sponsorship donations are on a sliding scale to be affordable for all Think Tank participants, regardless of size.

A little more of us

Our Role

Florida Growth Alliance is a body for local businesses, chambers, developers, economists, educators, and governments in Florida’s outer metropolitan growth areas, and advocates to state and federal governments on growth area challenges and opportunities across Florida’s 67 counties. Together, we strive to aide in easing the strain on regional economies for Florida’s fast-growing suburbs through shared experiences of the implications of the population growth rates, and short and long-term vital infrastructure needs.

We help to develop Alliance Think Tanks’ capacity to deliver good growth through best practice case studies, policy discussions, C-level networks, and our program of events, bringing the best and latest speakers on growth issues, talent supply and workforce challenges. Using this framework we are developing an evidence-based approach, to effectively negate negative impacts to suburban communities.